farmer and the golden eggs

Farmer and Golden Egg story

Here’s a Farmer and Golden Egg story where we come to know if we don’t have patience then out destiny will only be Repentance. Let’s start the story.

Once there was a farmer who has a very big farm.

On his farm, he has hens and chicks.

One day when he goes to collect the eggs he sees that one of the eggs was of golden color.

He picks that particular egg and went to the market and he found that was a golden egg so he thought of selling it.

When he sold that golden egg he got a good amount in which his whole family can easily survive for a year.

He happily went to his house and told his wife about the golden egg.

After that day they led a very prosperous life.

He also takes care of the hen which gives the golden egg.

After a month past, he sees that the hen which was giving the golden egg takes time and after so much wait it gives only one egg.

The farmer was so greedy that he could not wait for so long and he wanted to get richer immediately.

He thought that when the hen gives an egg it means that the egg might be in the stomach of the chicken.

So in his greedy brain, he thought of cutting the hen into halves and take out all the golden eggs so that he would become the richest person in the village.

He called all his family so that they could see many golden eggs and they will be richer.

They all gathered and the farmer brings a knife along with the hen which was giving him the golden egg.

Then the farmer cut the hen into two pieces and then he sees that there were no golden eggs only blood was flowing.

Then he put his hand on his head and sat there and thinking what have I done.

The hen which was giving him golden eggs is no more.

He sat down there and started crying.


All we want is more due to which the destiny will only be repentance.


We should keep our mind and heart on the position in every situation of life because the reason what we are having is the god.

Everyone must thank the god and all his forgiveness.

We must have patience in every situation because that will not let us to any remorse.

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