The Story Of Santa Claus flying high in the sky

The Story Of Santa Claus

Here’s The Story Of Santa Claus where the kind and generous man known as Nicholas who spread happiness by distribution of the present.

Once there was a very wealthy old man named Nicholas.

He was a kind generous man.

Nicholas enjoyed surprising people, especially the children.

Nicholas has a special hobby.

He would carve out pretty wooden toys in his free time but no one ever saw his toys.

It was Christmas time and Nicholas wants to do something special for the children.

While sitting in his chair he suddenly had an idea.

Nicholas started to carve out wooden toys for the children who lived near him.

Then he packed the toys like a gift and put them all in a bag.

Late that night when everyone slept, Nicholas climbed the house and went to the top of the roof.

Then he put the present into the chimney and quickly climbed down.

Nicholas did to several houses but after some time he became tired.

He went back to his house and pulled out a sleigh and tie it with the reindeer.

Nicholas sat on his sleigh and the reindeer pulled the sleigh and he continue to distribute the present.

But it was not for long as his sleigh got stuck in the snow.

Nicholas was trying to put his sleigh out but he failed.

Suddenly an angel appeared.

The angel said, “Nicholas you are a very good man and I want to help you.”

She touched the reindeer and said now the reindeer are special because they can fly.

The angel then waved a hand and some elves appeared who will help Nicholas in the distribution of the present quickly.

Nicholas was shocked but very happy.

Everyone got into the sleigh and with one shake of the rope the reindeer took off high into the sky to spread love and happiness.


If your heart is kind and generous then God helps you.


We see in life how we hate people and then regret it when we are at the last stage of our life.

So be kind to everyone and spread love and happiness.

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