Never Reveal Your Next Move story of a archer

Never Reveal Your Next Move

Here’s a Never Reveal Your Next Move inspiring story where the young man told the Zen about his dream but what the Zen taught him let’s see.

Once there lived a wise Zen master.

He was renowned for his deep wisdom.

The villagers would often gather around him to listen to his teachings.

His teachings would seek guidance for various aspects of life.

One day a young man approached the master with a smile.

The young man has a dream of building a bakery that will have the most delicious pastries and bread that the villagers have ever tasted.

In excitement, he shared his plans with the Zen in great detail.

The Zen nodded his head and said, “No young man you shouldn’t share your plans with anyone”

The young man replied, “But why master?”

The Zen said long ago in a distant land there lived a skilled archer named Shiro, he was known far and wide.

One day the king visited the village and decided to organize an archery competition.

Shiro participated in the competition and so he decided to practice in solitude away from everyone’s eye while the other participants openly.

Shiro practiced silently in the dense woods.

The day of the competition arrived and a large crowd gathered to witness the archer’s skill.

As the participants took turns, their arrows missed the target more often than not.

When it was Shiro’s turn, he stepped forward calmly, he released his arrow and it soared through the air hitting the bullseye.

The crowd started applauding and the king was also astonished by Shiro’s skill.

And so, the story of Shiro teaches us the power of keeping our dreams and plans guarded with our determination.

The young man thanked the wise Zen master for a great tale.

Years later, the village witnessed the rise of the magnificent bakery as the young man’s dream became a reality.


Move in silence, never let them know your next move.


We see in life how people tell their next move or share dreams too early they may be subjected to doubt, criticism, and jealousy.

By nurturing them silently, we allow them to take root and strengthen the skills.

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