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the golden swan garden with fountain

The Golden Swan

Here’s The Golden Swan story where the two friends fighting for the swan but they were fighting because the swan belongs to you. Once there were two close friends Dholu and Vasu lived in a village. The feeling of affection was so much that they both were always ready to help each other. One day […]

Princess And The Pea Moral where the prince find his princess
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Princess And The Pea Moral

Here’s a Princess And The Pea Moral story where the pretty girl who called herself princess had to gone through a test. what is it let’s read. Once upon a time, there lived a lovely prince in a kingdom. The young prince lived a life of luxury with all the comforts he could ever dream […]

Plants in Pot says be honest with yourself
King Stories

Be Honest with Yourself

Once there was a king who has all the happiness except the child’s happiness. So he decided to adopt a child from his kingdom and make him the future king. Then the king announced in the kingdom to bring all the children of the kingdom so that I can choose the future king. All the […]

beggar pays patience which is the key to success
King Stories

Patience is The Key To Success

Here’s a Patience is The Key To Success Inspiring Story where one of the beggar asked the king and the other beggar asked the God. Once there was a very wealthy king. He used to visit a temple daily. So, he often sees two beggars outside the temple. One of the beggars requests God that […]

Two Lazy Brother resting under a tree story
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Lazy Story

Here’s a Lazy Story where two brothers learned the lesson and promised not to be lazy anymore. How could this happen let’s see. Once in a village lived two very lazy brothers. Whenever they were told to work they used to sleep due to their lazy attitude. Raj and Mohan’s mother were fed up with […]

Accept The Situation story of three statues
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Accept The Situation

Here’s Accept The Situation Inspiring Story where the king happily live his life but his favorite statues broke then what happened lets see? Once there was a king lived who bought three very expensive statues. The king loved the statues so much that he ordered the guards to take care of them every minute. So […]

How To Live In Present story of a king
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How To Live In Present

Here’s How To Live In Present Inspiring story where you will come to know how the minister don’t fear his death because of living in present. Once there was a very cruel king. One day he asked one of his ministers to share his knowledge. After thinking for a long he was not happy with […]

a skull in the forest to remind think before you speak
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Think Before You Speak

Here’s Think Before You Speak Inspiring Story from we all know that always think before you speak and if you don’t then problems are destiny. Once a boy was passing through a dense forest. He saw a skull in his way. Firstly he took the precaution whether there was any animal or not. He ran […]

Hard Work is The Key To Success king turned the jungle into a village
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Hard Work is The Key To Success

Here’s Hard Work is The Key To Success Inspiring Story where the king cleverly acted and doing so much of hard work finally the king succeed. Once there was a village that appoints a king for five years. After completing five years the king sent to the jungle where wild animals eat the king. Now […]

Short Story About Trees old man planting tree
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Short Story About Trees

Here’s a Short Story About Trees Inspiring story of an old man who was planting the tree at the age of 81 but couldn’t eat fruits. Once there was a king. One day he called the treasurer and said, “Whenever I say Very Good then give one bag of gold coins.” So the king went […]