glass of water sign of overthinking


Here’s a Overthinking Inspiring Story where the boy who has a problem of overthinking and when he went to Zen he gives him the solution.

Once there was a boy in a village who was troubled by the habit of not being able to forget the old bad memories.

He was not able to stop thinking about the same thing over and over again.

When someone tells him something bad then he starts thinking of that incident all day.

The same thing went in his brain every time.

Then he either cursed him or his luck for the incident.

Due to overthinking, he didn’t have friends nor did he know how to do any work well.

One day, one of the villagers advised him to visit a zen in the nearby village.

He went to meet the zen and told him all his problems.

After listening to the boy’s problem zen gets up and went inside the monastery.

The boy was confused but after some time zen comes towards him with a glass of water.

Zen asked the boy what is the weight of the glass.

The boy replied, a little.

Then zen asked the boy if I hold this glass of water for an hour then what will happen?

The boy said you will feel a little heavy.

Again, zen asked if I hold the glass of water for a day then what will happen?

The boy replied, your hand will start paining.

Zen said, ok son now answer the last question, “Did the weight of the glass change in the meantime?”

The boy said, “No the weight did not increase.”

Now zen asked, “What will I do to ignore the pain?”

The boy said by putting the glass down.

Zen said exactly this is what life troubles are.

If you keep the problem in your mind for some time then you will feel ok but if you keep thinking again and again for a day then your mind will make you nervous and crazy.


Overthinking kills happiness so let it go and live your today.


We see in life how people pass their whole life just overthinking.

And they miss the happiness, the pleasure, the beauty that god gave them.

So, stop overthinking and live your today to the fullest.

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