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Never Tell A Lie red nail paint

Never Tell A Lie

Here’s a Never Tell A Lie Inspiring Story where the boy told a lie to his mother and she decided to teach him a lesson. let’s read the story. Once there was a boy named tofu. His mother took out her favorite nail paint and put it on the table. The nail paint was red. […]

Useless Things like the eyebrows
Life Story

Useless Things

Here’s a Useless Things inspiring story where the useless thing is so powerful that it can change the category of the thing. Once there were a person’s eyes, nose and mouth had a meeting. First, the eyes said we the eyes are the most important part of a human body because everything must be seen […]

Story of Balloon
Life Story

Story of Balloon

Here’s a Story of Balloon where the employees learned the life lesson which is to solve the problem with the team work. let’s read the story. A group of employees was working on a software company. The company has a team of 30 employees. They were young and energetic to achieve their goals. So the […]

An Old Lady Story of her soil
Life Story

An Old Lady Story

Here’s An Old Lady Story where the lady was sad she was leaving the land that belongs to her ancestors and what did she said before leaving. Once there was a cunning and greedy landlord who lived in a village. Most lands in the village belong to him. He gives money to the ones who […]


The Seven Wonders Story

Here’s The Seven Wonders Story Moral is a nine year old girl story who came from village and taught a lesson about the wonders of the world Anna was a 9 year old girl who lived in a village. She passed the 4th grade from the school which is situated in her village. Now she […]

Keep Your Dreams Alive of a ranch
Life Story

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Here’s Keep Your Dreams Alive Story where the boy who forced to leave his dream but what he did let’s see and how he surprised teacher. Once there’s a boy named Monty Roberts. His father was a horse trainer. He went from stable to stable, track to track, farm to farm, and ranch to ranch. […]

Father and his Sons Story Moral where father felt sorry
Father and Son Stories

Father and his Sons Story Moral

Here’s a Father and his Sons Story Moral where a son who wants to buy his father’s one hour time in exchange of money. let’s see Once there was a man working hard for his living. One day when he was returning from his work his little son was waiting at the door. When the […]

Short Story about Karma where a farmer works hard but trader faces karme
Life Story

Short Story about Karma

Here’s a Short Story about Karma where you will come to know how karma works who do wrong. The work you do will come back in any form. Once there was a farmer who lived in the village. He was a hardworking man who borrowed money from the landlords and sow the seeds on his […]

A Good Deed Short Story of a maid
Life Story

A Good Deed Short Story

Here’s A Good Deed Short Story where a man name Khanna was surprised by his maid that how she can buy so much things from just Rs500. Once lived a family whose head was Mr. Khanna. He was a businessman and spend a lot of time in his company. One day when he was leaving […]