The Cookie Thief Story where the bag of cookies

The Cookie Thief Story

Here’s The Cookie Thief Story where a girl without knowing at the cookies which doesn’t belong to her. let’s read what happen next.

Once a girl was traveling to another country and waiting in the airport.

She purchased a book from the airport and started reading it.

Then she bought a bag of cookies and sat in the waiting room and start reading the book.

There was a boy beside him who was also eating cookies with her.

When she took a piece of cookie he also take one.

She tried to ignore the scene and start seeing the watch for her flight.

Both of them were eating cookies from a bag.

She was thinking, “If I was not so good then I would turn his eyes to black.”

When the last cookie was left she was thinking now what he will do.

He took the cookie and broke it into two halves.

He gave the one half to her and eat the other half.

The girl snatched the other half and said, “ooh brother you don’t have any manner or what”

On this, she ignored the announcement when her name was called.

She then took note and took all her belongings and rushed to the place.

When she sat with calmness then she thought of continuing to read the book.

When she put her hand inside her purse what did she get?

She saw a bag of cookies which she bought for eating.

She thought that if my cookies are here then the cookies I ate were whom.

Then she got that the cookies she was eating were of that boy.

So the culprit was she and also the thief of the cookies.

After she apologizes and with grief but the culprit was herself.


Apologies aren’t meant to change the past but they are meant to change the future.


We see in life how people suffer because they do not even think and then they have to tell sorry and face regret.

So doing anything in anger is not good because after we have to face regret.

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