Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed the girl

Cute Short Love Story

Here is a Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed a girl and what the girl asked “what am I to you?” the boy replied let’s see

Once there was a boy and a girl who loved each other.

One day boy proposed girl and she asked, “what am I to you?”

The Boy replied, “You are the missing part of my heart”

Listening to the reply girl accepted the proposal and after few days they married.

Starting days of marriage all was good but as time was passing they got busy with their work.

They were not spending time with each other and as the days passed they started quarreling.

Because of their worries about the work the fight began to worsen.

One day the girl pulled her bag and went out of the house.

And said, “You don’t love me”

Boy angrily told her, “You are not the missing part of my heart.”

After listening to the boy she turned and with tears in her eyes, she went to her home.

And the last note she wrote, “Maybe I was not the missing part of your heart so let me search for her who is your missing part and let’s be apart so that It would give a less pain.”

Five years later the boy never married and somehow used to take the information about her girl.

He knew that she is living her dream life and she is out of the country.

The boy remembers how he proposed to her and the happy moments with her.

When the girl knows that the boy is worried about her she never accepts the fact.

One day when the boy was standing at the airport he saw the girl standing alone a few steps away.

The Boy goes and asked her “how are you?”

The Girl replies, “I am fine and how are you? You have married or not?”

The boy replied, “After you left I never saw any other girl”

Girl said, “Ok there is a flight when I will return let’s meet”

Boy agreed to her and left.

After some time he came to know that the plane got crashed and on finding out the same plane crashed on which the girl went.

After finding he found the girl but she was found dead.


We must take any decision with the relaxation of mind because a wrong decision could result in the punishment of a lifetime.


We see in life how people take the decision in anger and then regret whole life.

So think before you take action and handle every situation of life with patience.

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