children taking education as Honesty is The Best Policy

Honesty is The Best Policy

Here’s a Honesty is The Best Policy Moral story where Rohit who was honest scored 7 out of ten and the one who cheated got 9 out of ten.

Once in a classroom, three friends studied in the same class.

The day came when they had to go through the class tests.

It was a Monday morning so Rohit was studying while his friends Ashok and Mohan were playing.

Rohit worked hard to prepare for the class test and he didn’t go to play last evening.

They all were present in the class.

Ashok and Mohan were not prepared for the test.

They wasted their precious time playing.

The teacher started writing down the questions on the blackboard.

Rohit was busy writing the answers.

Ashok requested him to show the answers but Rohit didn’t pay attention to Ashok’s request.

Rather he asked the teacher to change his place.

After the test was over they went back home.

Next day the teacher distributed the answer sheets.

Rohit scored seven out of ten, Ashok scored eight out of ten and Mohan scored nine out of ten.

Rohit was very upset and thought that if he had also cheated then he would have got better marks.

He told the problem to his mother.

After listening to Rohit, she was very happy.

Mother said to Rohit, “I am proud of you my son, you succeed through your hard work. Even if you have scored ten out of ten by cheating then I would have never been happy. Working hard for success is the best quality of a human being.”

Soon after a day, Rohit’s class teacher discovered that Ashok and Mohan both have cheated to get higher marks.

So, Ashok and Mohan not promoted to the next class.

Rohit stood first and was promoted to the next class.


Your honesty and hard work will be rewarded one day.


We see in life how people are not honest and try to achieve success most shortly.

If they think that no one is seeing them so better understand that there is God who knows everything.

So, work hard and be honest because these are the steps toward success.

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