Two Diamonds Story where a bag full of diamonds were lost.

Two Diamonds Story

Here’s Two Diamonds Story a merchant who found a velvet bag full of diamonds but he return to his owner. What were the two diamonds let’s see

Once there was a merchant who was roaming in the market for a camel.

He found a camel and then searched the owner of the camel.

After so much bargaining the owner of the camel left it at a good price.

The Merchant got a good price for the camel and happily went home.

Handing over the camel to the servants and said to remove the saddle of the camel.

When the servants were removing the saddle of the camel they found a velvet bag hidden under the saddle.

When they opened the bag they found precious diamonds from which the bag was filled with.

They were surprised to get the bag and told the merchant about the velvet bag and the diamonds.

The Merchant saw the diamonds and decided to return the bag to the owner of the camel.

But the servants suggested the merchant not to return the bag full of diamonds no one will know.

The Merchant replied, “No, I will return the bag of diamonds to the owner”

At that time the merchant left with the bag in search of the owner of the camel.

After searching for a long he found out the owner and handed the velvet bag.

Getting the velvet bag the owner was happy as he was not able to find the bag where he kept it.

Then he knew he hide under the camel saddle.

He thanked the merchant for returning the bag and requested to pick two diamonds from the bag.

Merchant said, “I don’t need any reward or thanks for this”

Merchant was refusing to take the diamonds but the owner was insisting.

At last, the merchant said, “when I decided to return the bag, I had taken two most precious diamonds

After listening to this he emptied the bag of diamonds and started counting the diamonds.

The Owner said, “there is not a single diamond missing”

The merchant said, “The two diamonds were my honesty and sincerity


Anyone who has these two diamonds is the richest person in the world.


We see in life how many people we come across if you were in the place of merchant, what would you do after reading the Two Diamonds Story comment below.

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