Three Tasks of two brothers funny story

Three Tasks

Here’s a Three Tasks Funny story where the miser thought that the brothers can’t complete the task but they did let’s see.

Once there was a miser man.

One day two brothers came to his house in search of a job.

The miser man said to the brothers you have to work for a year and I will give you twelve gold coins each.

And if you failed to do any task then four gold coins cut from each person.

The brothers agreed to do the task and at the end of the year, they will have twenty-four gold coins.

Both the brothers work hard and steadily months passed by and the day came when they will get twelve gold coins.

They went to the miser man and asked for their payment.

The miser man replied the day is not over yet, You have to complete the last three tasks and then collect your wages.

The first task is there are two glass jars put the big one into the small.

The second task is to dry the barn without taking it outside the room.

The thirst task is to tell the weight of my head correctly.

The miser man said, “If I am not satisfied with your answer then you will lose four gold coins.”

Both the brother decided to completer the task so that they could get their wages and return home.

At first, they put the big glass jar into the second and broke the small glass jar.

They called the miser as he can’t do anything with it.

Then they went to the roof of the house and start breaking the roof.

The miser asked what are you doing? One of the brothers replied, “We are breaking the roof so that the sunlight would enter the room and the barn will get dry.”

The miser man saw and went inside the house.

To complete the third task, they took a pumpkin and went to the miser man.

They weighed the pumpkin and told him that his head will be of this much weight.

The miser man refused to accept the weight of the pumpkin equal to the weight of his head.

Then the brothers bought a hatchet and said then we have to cut your head and then weight it.

The miser man got scared and went inside the house to bring twenty-four gold coins.

He handed over the gold coins and the brothers went to their home.


Sometimes cleverness is important to come out of the most difficult situations.


We see in life how people fight and argue with the miser man but if they use their brain then they would come out of problems.

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