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Power of Practice, little girl's fire dance

Power of Practice

Here’s a Power of Practice where a girl who dreamt of becoming a fire dancer first fails and then practices with determination and succeed. Once there was a little girl who lived in a forest. She heard from her grandparents that there’s a fire dance held at their times. So thought of becoming a fire […]

Education of APJ Abdul Kalam design of a fighter jet
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Education of APJ Abdul Kalam

Here’s Education of APJ Abdul Kalam story of the college where he tested by putting under stress and as a result he flared up. As a young boy Abdul Kalam and his friends walked back home from school at Rameswaram. On the way he and his friends rested at the bank of the village ponds. […]

Set Your Goal story of seeing the target first
Zen Story

Set Your Goal

Here’s a Set Your Goal Inspiring Story where you will learn the story that if you want to achieve the goal first set your goal and see it. Once there was a master and a student who lived near a forest. The master called his student to see him while he was practicing shooting the […]

Secret of Success Story
Life Story

Secret of Success Story

This is the secret of the Success Story that we are encouraged to do without delay. let’s start the story. Once upon a time there was a young man who worked in a factory. His mentor, a former professional, told him to talk less, do more and not stop developing his skills in all aspects […]