The Fat Lady Story of a flight

The Fat Lady Story

Here’s The Fat Lady Story who was unhealthy and guy beside her didn’t talk but her heart was pure she turned the flight into enjoyable talks.

Once there was a woman who was very unhealthy.

She entered the flight and find a place to sit.

Squeezing herself she sat into the seat and she smiled to her left where a boy was sitting.

The boy was facing his face in the opposite direction.

The girl called that boy and with a smiling face, “hey how are you?”

The boy with the rude voice replied to the woman, “I am ok”

Then the boy turned his head towards the window.

Again the woman nudged her and said, “My name is Liza and I am from the USA, where are you from?”

The boy replied rudely, “Malaysia”

The woman continued, “Please accept my apology but this will gonna be a long flight so better be friends.”

The boy ignored the woman.

The woman started her talk about how is the day what she did in the morning.

The guy listened then his rudeness started to become low.

With passing time the boy turned to her and realized that she is the most beautiful girl he saw before.

In her conversation she makes the crew members laugh at her jokes.

One of the crewmen came to her and said, “Thanks for making my day”

In her talks with the crewmen one of them asked the woman, “Have you ever thought of losing some weight?”

The woman replied with giggles, “Not at all, I am happy the way I am. I am this size because I was born big, folks often call me big lady but I am actually a slim person with a good nature.” One of them asked, “you are married?”

The woman replied, “Yes I am happily married and now also many proposals came to me.”

The conversation of the woman turned the flight into an enjoyable journey.

After reaching the airport they all say goodbye to the lady.

The guy by her side realized the gorgeous woman he ever met.


Your outer appearance doesn’t matter but your beauty of heart matters.


We see in life how we don’t talk to people who are ugly or handicapped.

They feel bad and they think of themselves to be different from others.

But when we know their behavior and nature then we come to know that no one is like them.

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