Short Story about Karma where a farmer works hard but trader faces karme

Short Story about Karma

Here’s a Short Story about Karma where you will come to know how karma works who do wrong. The work you do will come back in any form.

Once there was a farmer who lived in the village.

He was a hardworking man who borrowed money from the landlords and sow the seeds on his farm.

He used to cultivate organic and chemical-free crops.

After sowing the seeds he was waiting for the rain.

The next day when he looked up the sky he didn’t see any sign of rain.

His tears drop on the field and thinking of clearing his debts.

So he thought to cultivate the field himself with the help of artificial intelligence.

He worked day and night and cultivate half of the field.

He has to satisfy with half of the field to cultivated.

The Farmer harvested threshed and packed and put the rice in the storeroom and went to sleep peacefully after years.

The Next morning when he entered the storeroom he saw the mice damaged the bags of rice.

He immediately took the bag of rice which was not damaged to sell to the trader.

There was only a trader in the village.

Due to this he took the things at a very low price and sell them at a double price in the market.

The villagers have no other option so unwillingly they have to sell their crops at low prices.

After selling the farmer took the money and hide it in the turban.

On his way to his home, he thought of checking the money but he didn’t do so because he has a fear of thieves.

After reaching home when he opened the pouch he found gems and diamonds.

He was shocked of seeing that and sold some of the diamonds to clear his debts and some for charity.

The next day the trader fell ill and the villagers went to see him they saw that it has been done by some spirits.

They called a spirit chaser and remove the spirit from the trader’s body and when asked he told, I am the rice which he bought from the farmer, a farmer who works hard and what the trader gives him nothing so I turned the money of the farmer into gems and diamond.

Then the trader’s wealth spent on his treatment and the farmer helps him with money.

The family of the trader got dependent on the farmer whom the trader cheated.


Everyman’s sin falls on his own head.


Nothing happens by chance, by fate.

You create your own fate by your actions.

So, start behaving politely and be kind.

This is the best life one can live.

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