How To Live In Present story of a king

How To Live In Present

Here’s How To Live In Present Inspiring story where you will come to know how the minister don’t fear his death because of living in present.

Once there was a very cruel king.

One day he asked one of his ministers to share his knowledge.

After thinking for a long he was not happy with the knowledge of the minister.

So he ordered his soldiers to go to the house of the minister and tell him my message.

That day everyone was celebrating the birthday of the minister.

Everyone was enjoying the song and dancing.

There comes the soldier and they said to the minister, “Today in the evening the minister will be hanged.”

Listening to this all stopped the music, the relatives, friends, and family members.

The family members started crying but the minister continue to enjoy the music and dance comfortably.

The minister was acting as if he didn’t hear anything.

Thinking this the soldiers again announced.

Then the minister replied to the soldiers, “Thanks to the king on my behalf. At least I got several hours to rejoice before death and thank him for telling me before so that I can enjoy before death.”

After telling this the minister started dancing.

The soldiers went back to the king and told him what all happened.

The king was shocked and decided to visit the minister.

The king went to the minister and asked, “It is your death tonight and you are singing and dancing.”

Minister thanked the king and said, “I was never filled with so much joy before. You did a great favor by telling me the time of death. So that I can enjoy it before I die.”

After listening to this the king was speechless and realized that the minister is living in present and doesn’t fear death.

So he told the minister that if you don’t fear death then it is useless to hang you.


To live in the past or future is to die in the present.


We see in life how people fear losing material things and they don’t live fully in the present.

So stop living in past and future because they will make you weak and afraid.

But if you live in present then you won’t fear your future.

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