a bird flying over the sea making the past to forget

Forget The Past

Here’s a Forget The Past Inspiring story where the free bird carried the memories of the past and at the end died leaving behind stones.

Once there was a bird who was free to fly.

She could float to the sky, catching pray for her lunch.

She could dive in the summer lakes to catch fish.

She was like many other birds but she had a habit.

Whenever some event occurred in her life whether good or bad, she used to pick up a stone from the ground.

And every day she sorted out the stones remembering the events in her past.

While sorting the stones she could laugh out loud remembering the good events and cry while remembering the sad ones.

The birds always took the stones with her.

No matter what she could carry the stones whether she was flying high up in the sky or walking on the earth, or diving into the lakes.

She never forget about the stones and she would carry them everywhere.

So the years passed and the free bird got a lot of stones.

But the bird keeps on sorting them and remembering the past.

And it was becoming more and more difficult for her to fly.

One day she was unable to do so, that bird who was free to fly everyone now couldn’t walk anymore.

She couldn’t dive into the lakes anymore.

She was unable to make a move on her own.

Only the rain gave her the water to drink and she was alive like this.

But the bird good care of the precious stones as it was her memory.

But one day she died of starvation and thirst.

But what was left on earth was a bunch of worthless stones.


The past is the place to learn from, not to live in.


We see in life how people recall their bad memories and it makes the person unable to move and drags them down.

So one can’t live in the present with it.

So leave the past, live in the present, and be ready for the future.

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