Charity Story of chapatis

Charity Story

Here’s a Charity Story where the rich man spirit of giving was not high so he provide the poor with the rotten flour. let’s see next.

Once there was the richest person in the town.

He started a free food service for poor people.

The spirit of charity was less in him as he wanted society to praise him.

He has a business of wholesale grains.

At the end of the month when the grains were left and they are not in a condition to be sold then he send all the grains to charity.

There the grains become chapatis in name of the charity.

The richest person’s son got married.

His daughter-in-law came to his home.

She was very polite in nature and had a clean heart.

When she came to know that the food he used for charity rotten flour she felt very bad.

She took all the responsibilities to provide food to the poor even after having so much of servants.

One day she made chapatis from the flour that came for the poor people to eat.

When the rich man sat down to eat she offered those chapatis to him.

When he chewed he spit the chapatis.

And said, “There is so much fresh flour in our house to make chapatis, then why did you make chapatis with the rotten flour?”

Daughter-in-law replied, “This is the flour I bought from the afterlife.”

The rich man didn’t understand what she said.

The daughter replied, “Father whatever charity we do in this world will be given to us in the afterlife so I gave you some chapatis made of rotten flour to eat so that you will have the practice to eat the chapatis in the afterlife.”

The rich man realized his mistake and apologized to his daughter-in-law and got the rotten flour thrown away the same day.

Since then the poor now get chapatis made of fresh flour.


The charity we do must be so private that while giving, even your other hand does not know.


We see in life how people give less and they announce to the whole world that they gave a lot to others.

Stop doing all this and give to the poor with your open heart.

So that God will praise in the afterlife.

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