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Keep Patience

Here’s a Keep Patience moral story where the washerman was talking patiently with the monk but the monk was very rude with the washerman.

Once there was a washerman who lived in a village.

He used to wash the clothes on the bank of a river.

There was only a plain rock at which all the villagers washed their clothes.

One day the washerman came and saw that a monk was sitting on the rock and was meditating.

The washerman thought that he would get up in a while.

So he decided to wait and work later and he sat under a tree.

After two hours passed the monk didn’t get up.

So he went near the monk with folded hands and humbly requested to the monk I need this rock to wash clothes, if you sit somewhere else then I will do my work.

Listening to this the monk stood up and sat a little away from the rock.

Now the washerman started washing the clothes.

When the washerman was washing the clothes some of the dirty water splashes on the monk.

Because of that the monk got angry and started scolding him.

The washerman didn’t notice that the splash of the dirty water fell on the monk.

So the washerman with his folded hands said to the monk, “I must have committed some crime. So I apologize for my mistake.”

Monk angrily shouted at him, “You have no manners on how to wash the clothes, You are throwing dirty water on me and my clothes are wet with the water.”

The washerman replied, “Please calm down, I made a mistake. I didn’t pay attention while washing dirty clothes so please forgive me.”

The washerman stopped washing and collected all the clothes and again apologized to the monk.

Then he went away with the clothes.


Learning patience can be difficult but once conquered you will find life easier.


We see in life how people don’t have patience and get angry about small things.

Success grows from the seeds of patience.

So, do not lose hope nor be sad because God is with those who have patience.

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