Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Story

It is a heartwarming story about life to be clear which means to have a clear path and the right direction to your goal.

Long ago, there was a man who lived near a mountain.

And every day he thought, “What would it be like to climb a mountain, and what would I see on top?”

And finally the day came when the man continued his journey.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, he met the first visitor.

So he asked, “How did you go up the mountain and what did you see above?”

So the stranger shared his way and the vision he had.

The man was selfish, the way the stranger described it sounded like he was very tired.

I need to find another way to climb, the man said.

So he continued on to the peak of the mountain until he met the next stranger.

He asked again, “How did you go up the mountain and what did you see above?”

So one traveler told his story.

Still unsure of what to do and which way to go, the man asked thirty more people, thirty more guests.

When he had finished talking to them all, he finally decided.

Now that so many people have shared their path with me and especially what they have all seen up there, the man told himself, “I didn’t need to go up there anymore“.

Unfortunately, the man did not continue the journey himself.


Clarity is very important, that is, see clearly what direction you should be in life and which path you should take.

The conclusion

You need to find a good way to climb the mountain.

Some of the information and life experiences that others give you, it is possible to understand you in words but it is impossible to share vivid experiences when you are standing on that high point alone.

This is a story about life and hope you enjoyed it.

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