Monk Advice traveling

Monk Advice

Here’s a Monk Advice where the monk rested at the couple’s house and in return the monk advised the couple and what happen next let’s see.

Once a monk decided to travel to his master who is very old.

So he collected all his belongings and started his journey.

On his way when the sunset he started searching for a place to spend his night.

He saw a small hut and outside tied an old cow.

The monk knocked on the door and a couple welcomed the monk to their house.

They offered bread, milk, butter, etc.

After eating food the monk asked them about their life.

They said all thanks to god there is not a single day when we are hungry.

The old cow gives us milk so we sell them and earn living.

Then the wife came and said that the bed is ready for the monk to sleep.

Then the monk went to sleep.

In the morning the monk eat bread, milk, and butter the same food which he ate last night.

After eating breakfast the monk stood up to leave his house.

And when he was leaving for his journey his last advice to the man said, I was thinking the whole night what could I do with for you to thank you for your hospitality.

Then I came to the conclusion, slaughter your cow.

The last line he said to the couple and he continued his journey.

The couple shocked after hearing the advice from the monk.

The man decided to slaughter his cow.

After a year when the same monk was on his way back from visiting his master.

He decided to meet the couple where he stayed a night.

When he went to his house he saw a small farm with a few cows, pigs, and some chickens.

Also, a small barn has been built.

The man saw the monk and immediately recognized and called his wife.

Again they welcomed the monk and when the monk was having food the man said you gave us the best advice as you gave us the advice I slaughter the cow and with the meat, I went to the market to sell them.

That was the turning point and our business started from your advice.


Advice won’t work unless you do.


We see in life how people think that they are happy with the little things in their life but if they use their brains and want to do big, then nothing is impossible.

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