bundle of sticks story power of unity

Bundle of Sticks Story

Here’s a Bundle of Sticks Story where a father teaches his son to live in unity because no one would break the power of unity. Let’s start the story.

Once there was a man who lived in the village.

He had three sons who were very hard workers.

They work hard but they don’t want to see each other.

They quarrel on some or the other matter.

After seeing this the man decided to understand his two sons but they didn’t listen a word.

His three sons were hard workers and when they quarrel all the villagers make fun of them.

One day when the man got old and his health was not good he called all his three sons.

The man told, you will have to unite and live a peaceful life.

From now on you will not quarrel and not do anything to each other.

The man took out a piece of stick and gave it to each of his sons.

Then he told to break the sticks.

They broke the stick and then started arguing that I have broken it first.

His father said that the game was not over and then gave them the bundle of sticks.

Each of his sons got a bundle and what to do with it his son asked.

His father answered to break the bundle of sticks without separating the stick.

His son tried but failed to break the bundle of sticks.

They all failed in the given task and told his father about the failure.

The old man replied, “Son you could break the single stick into pieces but you could not break a bundle of the stick because the same stick which you broke are now united. If three brothers will unite no one will ever dare to break you but if you are separate then anyone can break you. So live united so you could stay strong”

The three sons understand the power of unity and promised his father whatever the problem they will face the problem with the power of unity.


The power of unity is infinity if you unite.


We see in life how the brothers live separately, eat separately, having fun separately.

But they don’t know that if a problem comes they will get defeated but when they unite the problem gets defeated.

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