English story of rich and poor

Rich and Poor Story in English

Here’s a Rich and Poor Story in English in which we know how a poor sleeps with peace minded and rich has sleepless nights. Let’s start the story.

Once in a village lived Ramesh and Suresh.

Suresh who was a worker in Ramesh’s farm and Ramesh who was a landlord and one of the wealthiest person in the village.

Suresh after work goes to sleep with peace of mind at night without closing doors and windows because he was poor.

On the other hand, Ramesh closed doors and windows and then goes to sleep.

At night Ramesh tries very hard to sleep but didn’t do so of worry about the robbery in his house.

When he sees the house of Suresh it seems that the house is fully open.

So, the next day he thought of an idea.

And that day he calls Suresh and gave him a bag of gold coins and said, “God has given me a lot of money but you are poor so I want to help you and can live life with prosperity.”

Suresh took the money and was happy all day.

Returning home at night when he goes to sleep, he feels that someone will take his money so he closed the doors and windows and tries to sleep.

But he didn’t sleep the whole night in worry of the bag of gold coin.

The whole night he looks at the bag of gold coins and the night passed.

The next day the first thing he did after waking up he returns the bag of gold coins.

Because he came to know that when he was poor, he sleeps at night without any worry but when he had money sleep has been taken from him.

So, the night with sleep is better than the night of worry.


We must be satisfied with the things given by God to us. So, what we have is good and remains satisfied with it.


We see in life how people destroy their life having lots of money then also they say that they have nothing.

They passed their whole life earning money and have a fear of losing it.

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