How To Avoid Anger story of an empty boat

How To Avoid Anger

Once there was a child in a gurukul.

In the gurukul, there was a rule to meditate daily.

After meditating, one has to tell his progress to the master.

A new boy finds it very difficult to meditate.

He was not able to focus while meditating so he becomes very angry.

Then his master asks him, “What exactly are you angry about?”

The boy said whenever I meditate someone crosses by talking, or a cat or any other animal comes by.

The master listened to the boy and said you are angry about everything around you.

Whereas the real purpose of meditation is to avoid anger.

The master said to have to take out a solution so that the people, animals, or things can’t disturb you while meditating.

The boy went out of the gurukul to find a peaceful place.

He sees a tree near a river bank.

He sat down under the tree and start doing meditation.

When he shuts his eyes he heard the wind blowing, then he heard the leaves falling.

He again got very angry.

The bird started to chirp and then also becomes angry.

He thought that the river bank contains disturbance so why not I go to the middle of the river and do meditation?

He sat in a boat and went to the middle of the river.

There he started doing meditation.

Now he was very happy that he can do meditation without any disturbance.

He was very happy and he went every day for meditation in the middle of the river.

One day a boat was coming towards him so his sound was disturbing.

Again, he got angry with the sound of the boat.

The boat was approaching towards him and the boat hit the boy’s boat.

The boy becomes angrier. But when he saw the boat was empty there was no one inside.

So, he remembered his master’s question, “What do you really get angry with?”

The boy understands that he gets angry with his own reaction.

The boy started meditating inside the gurukul but now he perceives the noise inside the gurukul as an empty boat.


Nothing makes us angry until and unless we allow them to anger us.


We see in life how people get angry with someone or something.

If they think of the disturbance as an empty boat then they will never get angry.

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