Wise Thinking green color on wall

Wise Thinking

Here’s a Wise Thinking Story of a Monk where the monk suggested the wise man to see only green color but what he did let’s see.

Once there was a wealthy man who was suffering from pain in his eyes.

He visited the best doctor to cure his pain but none can cure it.

The wealthy man tried every possible material every prescription but none cured his pain.

He went from doctor to doctor but no one helped him with his pain.

Then he came to know about a monk who was staying in his town.

The monk was famous for curing various king of problems.

He visited the monk and told him about his pain.

The monk looked carefully at his eyes and advised him to see only green color.

If he would see green color for some days then your pain will cool down.

The man did exactly what the monk told him.

He went to his home and told all his servants to change everything in his house to green color.

From every wall of the house to an article everything changed to the green color.

Everywhere in the house, there was a green color.

When he concentrated on the green color his pain started to disappear.

After a day his pain was almost gone.

He was happy shouting and screaming inside the house.

Then the monk thought of visiting the man and to check about the pain in his eyes.

When the rich man saw the monk he welcomed the monk to his house and the man went to arrange him for to sit.

Then a servant saw the monk he ran and brought a bucket full of green color and threw it towards the monk.

The monk was green from top to bottom.

The monk politely asked the servant.

The servant replied master has told us to convert every color to green as he wore a different color cloth so our master will face difficulty to see you.

Then the monk replied, “If you buy a green-shaded glass then there was no reason of changing everything.”


Wise thinking may lead you to the best perspective of life.


We see in life how people don’t think wisely and then regret it in the end.

So sit for some time think and then act so that you can have a better perspective of life.

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