Thief trying to unlock the vault but due to awareness is the key he failed

Awareness is The Key

Here’s Awareness is The Key Inspiring story where the unawareness is the root of all the mistakes and awareness is the key to all.

Once there a thief went to the saint.

The saint was very famous in the city.

The thief met the saint and told, “Whatever you will tell me I will do except stealing because this is my nature and it is unavoidable. Except this, I will abide by all your advice that you give me.”

The saint said, “Ok as you wish. You can steal but do it with full awareness and consciousness. If you feel like abusing do it with full alertness. You want to get angry do it with full awareness.”

The thief replied, “Ok this is very easy, stealing is my habit when I sleep then also I can steal and I get away with it too. I am a master at it and now I will do it will awareness.”

He took the blessings from the saint and went away.

That night he decided to steal.

When he was about to open a vault he recalled what the saint suggested to him. he tried to steal the vault with awareness but failed to do so.

He thought that today is not my day as I got blessings from the saint, so I will try tomorrow.

The next day again he tried to open the vault but failed.

Then he thought that due to the impact of the saint’s blessing so he thought of trying after a week.

After a week I will be back to my nature by then.

So he tried stealing but didn’t do so.

Then after a month, he tried to steal but he noticed that his hands started to shiver and couldn’t break the vault.

He comes to the saint and asked, “What did you do, you brought loss to my business.”

The saint replied, “Awareness is the key. All mistakes happen in unawareness.”


Unawareness is the root cause of all mistakes whereas awareness is the key.


We see in life how people do evil when they are unaware.

But if they do the same thing with awareness and consciousness then they will know what is good and what is bad.

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