King and Wise Man story

King and Wise Man

Here’s a King and Wise Man story where a wise minister of the king gave the solution to the problem and earn rewards.

Once there was a prosperous king who loved his kingdom.

All his countrymen were happy to have a king like him.

Kingdom got prosperous in the reign of the king and never faces any misfortunes.

One day the king decided to visit some old places and pilgrims.

So, he decided to go by walking because he will get a chance to meet the people of his kingdom.

When he started the journey the people of his kingdom greeted him and gave him blessings.

But on his way, the path he was walking by was not so good.

There were many stones that were hurting so much but the king continued his walk.

On his return, he was very happy but then he realized that by walking his feet started to pain.

He complained to his ministers about the road in his kingdom.

Then the king thought that how would people of my kingdom walk on the roads.

So, he ordered to cover the roads with leather so that people could walk on the road comfortably.

When the ministers came to know about the leathers being put on the road they all suggested the king not to do that.

Ministers suggested the king not to do that because it would take many animals and a lot of money.

One of the ministers who was wise said to the king instead of killing so many animals and making leathers you can make pair of leathers and wear them when you want to go on foot.

All the ministers were surprised of hearing the answer.

King appreciated the answer and awarded the minister.

And ordered to make pair of leather boots for the people of the kingdom.


A Human being’s disadvantage is that he looks at their surrounding for problems but never looks at themselves to solve them.


We see in life how people took decisions wrong and then regret but there must be some wise people in every home to decide what is wrong and what is right.

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