How God Helps in many forms

How God Helps

Here’s a How God Helps us Story where we will come across how God helps us in many ways but the only requirement is to recognize.

Once there was a village where people are very kind-hearted and live in harmony.

Every day villagers go to pray at the temple where a priest was also there.

As the season changes the monsoon came and on seeing the water level rises.

The water now entered the village and everybody was ready to leave the village.

One man came running and entered the temple in search of the priest.

The found said to the priest that the water level rises and our homes are also sinking.

We all are going to a safer land and I have come to take you with us.

The priest refused to go with the man and said, “I have full faith in God and I know God will come and save me”

So the man went and rescue his family to a safer place.

After some time the water level rises to the waist and a boat came near the temple.

The boatmen asked the priest, villagers told me to rescue the priest who was left inside the temple.

The priest refused the boatman and said, “God will come and save me”

The boatmen went to search for any other human being who left.

The priest was waiting for the god and the water then rises and covers the temple.

The priest went to the top of the temple and sat there waiting.

Then a helicopter came to the priest and threw a rope through which he could lift him.

But the same thing he told to the men sitting inside the helicopter.

They left the priest there and went in search of anyone who would need help.

Then the water rises and now there was no other place for the priest to be saved.

So he started calling God and complaining, “God I worshiped you my whole life and now I need you. Why are you not coming for help?”

Then the God appeared in front of the priest and said to the priest, “You fool I had come in the form of a man running to you then I appeared in the form of boatman and then came in the form of a helicopter but you didn’t recognize me”

The priest then learned a lesson and then got the last chance to save his life.

And the priest came out of that flood.


Opportunities came without knowing and in any form. So don’t miss any chance.


We see in life how people blame their fortune for not having opportunities in their life but they don’t know that opportunities came in any form and no one should miss the chance.

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