Value of Money Story of a well where the son throws money

Value of Money Story

Here’s a Value of Money Story where a father teaches lesson to his son who doesn’t want to work hard. let’s see how his father teaches him a lesson.

Once there was a merchant who lived in the village.

He was blessed with a lot of wealth.

Having so much prayer he has a son after many years of marriage.

The merchant earned lots of money and want to give his business to his only son.

But his son doesn’t want to do business.

As the time passed the merchant was growing old and he saw his son not working and don’t want to handle his father’s business.

Then the merchant decided to teach his son a lesson.

He called everyone to the hall and told his son if you bring money and give it to me then only you will have food.

If you bring no money then no food will be served.

Ordering his servants to not help his son in any way.

Son thought to borrow money from relatives.

He borrowed from his relatives and gave the money to his father.

His father told him to throw the money into the well.

Son without any hesitation threw the money into the well and told his father to give him food.

After his father found out that the money was provided by his relatives so he announced to all the relatives not to help his son with money.

Next day when his son asked the relatives for the money they denied it.

So he went to his father’s friend’s house to borrow money.

They provide him with the money and he took that money and gave it to his father.

His father again told him to throw the money into the well and he did without hesitation.

His father knew that he had bought the money on demand.

So his father found out that his friends were providing him the money.

Then he told all his friends to not lend any money to his son.

The next day all his father’s friend refused to give him money.

He was walking by a street where he saw an old man who called him.

The old man offered him to work for him and he will give him money for his work.

The boy had no option so he agreed.

He worked hard till dawn and earn money for his work.

He went to his father and said to give him food as he has bought money.

His father told him to throw the money into the well but this time he denied it.

The boy said, “I have earned this money and you are telling me to throw the money into the well”

His father understood that he earned the money.

The next day he handed over his business to his son.


Parents had to take the responsibility to make their children understood the reality of life.


We see in life how merchants have enough money for their generation but they don’t make their children understand the importance of money.

That parent has to be hard and make their children understand the reality of life.

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