Kite Story of father and son

Kite Story

Here’s a Kite Story where Father teaches son lesson of life which he will never forget. let’s see what is a life lesson with kite and thread.

One day a father with his son went to the kite festival.

Son was very excited to see the sky full of kites.

He insists his father to him a kite.

Father took him to the nearby shop and his son selected the kite which he will fly.

Father then bought the thread to which the kite tied.

Son was very happy thinking that he will fly the kite.

When his father tied the thread with kite.

Then he told to lift the kite up so that it could fly.

Son took the kite at a small distance and lift the kite up in the air and his father with the thread fly the kite high.

Son told his father, “I think that the thread is stopping the kite to fly higher so can we cut the thread so that the kite would fly higher?”

His father said, “Yes” and he cut the thread.

The kite flies higher than it would fly but after some time, the kite comes down and went into someone’s balcony.

After seeing this the little boy was confused because he didn’t understand that the thread of the kite was cut then how it came down?

Father explained, “At the top of life when he feels to do something then we are stopped by someone.

As the thread of the kite was only supporting to fly higher but if the support system would cut then it will fall down.

The same happens in our life our support is our parents and family.

They support us to fly high when the wind comes the thread holds the kite to stay in the air and when it passes thread provide support to stay in the right direction.”

The little boy learned his lesson of life.


Like a kite cut from the thread as our support system cut from ourselves.


We see in life people think that they can earn money in a short period of time without the involvement of our families.

But they are wrong they can’t see the circumstances in their life.

And at the end of the day they fall down.

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