What is The Real Happiness In Life is the happiness of getting the keys of a bike

What is The Real Happiness In Life

Once there was a kind boy who has a bike.

Now he wants to replace the bike with the new one.

So he took the picture of the bike and upload it on the internet.

He kept the price of the bike 30,000.

After some time his phone started ringing and everyone was asking him to sell the bike for 17,000 or 21,000.

He also got a call who was ready to purchase the bike for 28,000.

He was thinking about whom to sell the bike a phone call came.

When he picked up it was a voice of a father.

He told the boy that he saw his bike on the internet and decided to purchase it.

As his son used to travel to his college in an auto or go on foot.

But his father wants to purchase the bike for his son and travel to his college as it was his last year.

The father requested to give him some time and he will pay him the full 30,000 for the bike.

The phone got cut but the boy was in shock.

Because till now no one told him that he wants the bike at its full cost.

The boy called back the father and asked how much do you have.

The father with a broken voice told that he somehow arranged 20,000 and it’s only 10,000 short.

But he will arrange it by selling his mobile phone or watch.

The boy said uncle no matter how much you have come with the money to take the bike tomorrow.

The man was so happy that he called his son and they were excited.

Both father and son reached the boy’s house and the boy handed over the bike’s key to the boy.

He was very happy.

The father gave 20,000 to the boy and told him to count it.

There was a 2,000 rupee note, some 500 rupee notes some are of 100 rupee notes.

It seems like the father had someone arrange the money.

The boy gave him 500 rupees back and told him to buy a box of sweets.

They were happier and the boy got blessings from his father.

The boy was selling his bike at a loss but he was still smiling.


If you are giving happiness then your life will become happy by the grace of God.


We see in life that we are living in a world where we don’t wait for anyone.

If we give happiness to someone then our life will become happy.

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