labor working without shoes life lesson to teach your son to take blessings

Life Lesson to Teach Your Son

Here’s a life lesson to teach your son about how to take blessings over mischief because mischief can break somebody heart but blessings make heart pure and delight. So let’s start the story.

Once there was a father and son who were walking in the evening.

As soon as they reach a small ground they saw some old shoes which were half damaged.

Son sees the shoes and thought of some mischief.

He told his father that let’s take the shoe and hide it somewhere and when the owner of the shoe will come he would be finding his shoe and we will have some fun.

His father when listened to his son thinking he thought of teaching him a lesson.

As the shoe belongs to labor who was working nearby.

Father told his son that what you are thinking is not right, son in your sight that shoe might not have a value but for the poor that shoe he wore and come to work and also goes home.

So his father took his son near the shoe and put some coins in both the shoe and then hid behind the bars which were lying near the shoes.

Son was very curious to know what will happen next.

After some time the labor after completing his work came and sat down near the shoe.

He started wearing the shoe.

As he puts his first leg he finds something hard in it.

He took his shoe in his hand and in that he sees coins.

Again he puts another leg in another shoe he feels hard and he sees coins were there.

After seeing so many coins his happiness was in the seventh heaven.

He raises his hands in the sky and prays to god that you come in some form and help me, thanks to you and the one who you sent. May that human being live life as he wants and give him lots and lots. Labor thanks to god for providing the money as his mother was admitted to hospital and doesn’t have money to buy medicines, his son school fees, and for his living. He gives many and many blessings to the one who in the form of a human being helps the labor.

Father and son were hiding and listening to the labor.

The son was crying and his father was making him understand.

Father told his son to do good things because not mischief is good to everyone.

His son understands what his father wants him to learn.


Comparing the mischief and blessings the most that feel good is blessings.


We see in life how we do mischief with the ones whom we don’t know that what phase of time is he/she is going through. So always think good because thinking good makes you different from everyone.

So if you ever did any mischief then go to them and tell them sorry and never break their hearts from now on.

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