Two Farmers Story where both of them working

Two Farmers Story

Here’s Two Farmers Story were we know the two aspect of life one is positive and other negative. what the farmers wish to God let’s see.

Two farmers lived in the same village.

They work in their land at the same time and earn the same.

One day the two farmers died on the same day.

Yamraj(God of death) came and took the soul of both the farmers to God.

God asked the First farmer, “Is there anything in life which was not fulfilled”

The first farmer replied yes you have not given me a good life I worked like a bull on the farm and earned which only I fulfil my family needs, whenever I thought of earning more someone came and took money from me so my life was not good at all.

God asked, “What do you want in your next life”

The farmer replied I want such a life in which I don’t have to give something anyone only I get money and money.

God said, “Your wish will fulfilled” and he left.

Then God called the Second farmer and asked the same question, “There was something in your life which was not fulfilled”

The farmer replied you have given me everything a family, a small land to earn money, and a happy life.

I and my family never slept hungrily but the only thing which I regret my whole life Is the hungry, the thirsty who came to my home for food and water and went back empty-handed due to lack of food and water.

Then God asked, “what do you want in your next life”

The farmer replied I want to become a man who only gives and never takes.

God told him, “Go your wish will fulfil”

After days passed they were both born in the same village and grew up in the same village.

After the farmer who wishes, he doesn’t want to give to anyone only he receives he became the beggar of the village and the one who wished for not taking from anyone only he gives he became the richest man of the village.


There are two aspects of life one is positive and the other is negative. It depends upon you what do you choose.


We see in life after getting so much from god we criticize God for not giving us a good life.

But we don’t know that the life we are living is someone’s dream.

So, think about the disabled and the poor who beg.

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