daydream story of a priest who alms a milk pot

Daydream Story

Here’s a Daydream Story where a priest who was so lazy that he don’t go for work and only sleep and have daydream of becoming rich.

Once there was a very lazy priest.

He doesn’t do any work and in return, he has to become rich.

He doesn’t do any work so he was poor so he hardly has anything to eat.

The lazy priest doesn’t want to do any work so he survives only on alms(food given to poor people).

He hardly gets any alms and he thinks of making bread and butter by begging for alms.

One day he got a pot of milk as an alms and he was very happy.

He took the pot of milk and went home.

The priest drank half of the milk and store another half of the milk to make butter.

He brought curd and added to the milk to turn the milk into curd and went to sleep.

Then he started dreaming that the milk has change into curd and that curd then turn into butter.

Then he cooks the butter into ghee and sells it in the market.

Selling the ghee, he got some money from which he bought a hen and that hen give birth to many chicks.

After the chicks grew they start giving eggs and then he opened a poultry farm.

Then he start selling eggs and become rich.

He was daydreaming.

His dream continued, he will sell that poultry farm and buy a cow and then he will open milk dairy.

Then he will be rich by selling milk and then buy jewels.

He will buy so many jewels that the king will purchase that jewels from him and he will become the richest person in his village.

Then he will marry a beautiful girl and then will have a handsome son.

When his son will do anything wrong then he will beat his son with the stick.

He was dreaming that he was beating his son with the stick and he automatically took the stick which was lying near his bead.

Thinking that he was beating his son he hit the pot and the pot of milk broke and he awakes from his daydream.


Nothing is achieved by daydreaming. One must work hard to fulfill the dreams.


We see in life how people see only dreams and think that they will achieve what they want.

But the fact is that they have to work hard so that they must fulfill their dreams.

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