Story on Christmas with a Message where gifts were given by Santa

Story on Christmas with a Message

Here’s a Story on Christmas with a Message where a little boy had an idea to gift the two brothers gifts. Let’s see what happens next.

A long time ago a day before Christmas, the place was covered with snow.

They were moving down the street but they stopped at a certain point and start seeing the window.

Already there were two boys who were looking inside the window.

They were wearing old clothes and their faces were sad. Little told to elder, “We are poor that’s why Santa doesn’t come to our home.”

After listening to the little brother, the elder hugged his brother tight and said, “let’s go home and pray maybe he will be arriving tonight”

The little one smiled after hearing elder brother but the tears came out of elder brother.

Then they went down the street and entered a so-called house.

The little one who was seeing this went home and an idea came to his mind.

He rushed to his father and told him about the plan.

His plan was what Santa will give him tonight will give to the two brothers.

Tonight, when the clock strikes 12 the little one went downstairs and under the Christmas tree found his gift.

After receiving the gift, they decided to give it to the two brothers.

As they saw their house when the sunshine fells on the ground with the little boy his father went and kept the gift out of their house.

Then the father knocked on the door with all force and hide behind the walls.

The two brothers came out and saw gifts outside their house.

They were surprised and hugged each other.

They took the gift ad went inside the house with excitement.

The little one who was seeing said to his father, “This Christmas was my best Christmas”


The best gift we give to this world is Joy and Happiness.


We see in life how people alone celebrate festivals but when we think of the ones who are in need and if we help them then the reason for their happiness will be you.

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