Vegetable Seller

Vegetable Seller

Here’s a Vegetable Seller Story where the vegetable seller got less money for the vegetable but on the other hand got helped by the woman.

Once a young boy watched his mother buying vegetables from a lady vegetable seller.

She used to come every day to his house and the boy’s mother every day purchased vegetables from her.

One day the little boy was there with his mother when the lady came with the vegetable.

She put the basket down and asked her what do you want today?

The little boy’s mother said, “Today I want to buy spinach.”

The lady seller told the price as 8rs per bundle.

The little boy’s mother wants exactly half of the amount.

The lady said that will be a loss for me because it can’t even cover the cost of buying it.

The lady seller politely asked her if you want then I will give you 7.5rs per bundle.

But his mother didn’t agree and wanted it at half of its price.

The lady stood up and took her basket and put it on her head.

Then she started walking.

After going some distance the lady seller turned and asked if the last price will be 7rs per bundle.

The little boy’s mother asked her to return and said I will buy it at that price only.

The lady seller returned and put her basket down.

Then she gave five bundles and the little boy’s mother gave her the money.

When she was picking up her basket she sat down looking like she was unwell.

The little boy’s mother grab her hand and asked if you have eaten something in the morning or not.

The lady replied, with this money I will buy some rice and then go to eat. after listening to this the woman went inside and brought food and water for her.

She ate the food and thanked the woman.

Then she took her basket and went.

The little boy asked if you gave him half the money and then offered her to eat.

His mother replied this is a lesson that if someone needs your help, help it out.

But do check that they are giving you things at the right price or not.


The decision is a very precious blessing that God gave us.


We see in life how people take wrong decisions in life and then regret their whole life.

Whatever you are today is because of your decisions remember that.

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