How to Motivate Someone and a man was driving a car

How to Motivate Someone

Here’s a How to Motivate Someone Inspiring Story where man who was blind pulled car out of the ditch himself. How did he do this let’s see.

Once there was a man who was on a road trip.

He was driving the car and crossing a village.

When he wanted to see the direction from the map he didn’t recognize and he accidentally drove off the road and fell into a ditch.

The man was safe but his car got stuck in the ditch.

He didn’t understand what to do.

He came out of the car and sat near his car.

Then he saw a small farm and went for help.

He saw a man farming in his field.

He saw the car and said only Michael will help your car out of that ditch.

The farmer pointed his finger and said, “There Michael is.”

The farmer went to him and told the story.

They both went near the car and start pushing the car.

The farmer shouted, “Pull Fred, pull ted, pull Michael. Come on.”

The man was standing aside seeing that Michael pulled the car out of the ditch himself.

He was surprised to see that Michael himself pulled the car out of the ditch.

After getting his car out of the ditch he thanked the farmer and asked, “why you called all the named before calling Michael?”

Farmer replied, “Old Michael is blind and as long as he believes he is a part of the team, he doesn’t mind pulling.”


It is not the mountain or the land we conquer but ourselves.


We see in life how people are afraid to do but the only thing that matters is encouragement and a sense of care that you can do it.

So tell your mind that everything is easy nothing is difficult in this world.

If so then you will be at the heights of the carrier, and your power will be incredible.

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