The Bridge Moral Story carpenter made the bridge

The Bridge Moral Story

Here’s The Bridge Moral Story where the carpenter builds the bridge between elder brother and younger brother to end the misunderstanding.

Once two brothers lived side by side and farmed for 40 years.

After farming for years, they fell into a serious conflict.

They stopped talking as before they share machinery, they work together and help each other.

Due to some misunderstanding, their relationship fell apart.

One day a man knocked on the door of the elder brother.

When he opened the door he saw a carpenter with his toolbox asking to work for some days.

The elder brother offered him the work but the work will not last a day.

The carpenter agreed to do the work.

He took the carpenter and said, “See the creek I want something that I may not see who lives on the opposite side of the creek.”

The carpenter asked, “Who is on the other side of the creek.”

The elder brother replied, “He is my younger brother, and some days before he dug a wider passage into his farm but he ended up creating a wider creek in between our farm.”

The carpenter understood his work and said to the man, “I think what I have to make so that you would not see anyone across the creek.”

Then the elder brother went to the market for some materials.

In the evening when he was returned he saw which he can’t even imagine.

He saw a bridge that was well furnished, beautiful, and hand furnished.

To his surprise, his younger brother from across was coming to meet him.

After crossing the bridge he hugged his elder brother and said after all I have done to you is bad but you are a very good brother who showed me the love of blood, and I am truly sorry for my behavior.

When they turned to see the carpenter he was lifting his toolbox and was about to leave.

The brothers stopped him and urged him to stay a few days.

The carpenter replied, “I have many more bridges to make.”


We should be humble and kind. We should accept our mistakes and move forward.


We see in life how people destroy their relation by not accepting their mistakes.

The family destroys their relationship with such silly arguments.

Ego will end one day with you but the relationship you break will never be made again.

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