A King Story button of the king's suit

A King Story

Here’s A King Story where the king’s suit comes out the only tailor in the village stitches it and what the king gives in reward let’s see.

Once there was a king who was very famous for his work in his kingdom.

He has a very vast empire and he used to meet people from the village and try to solve the problems.

He used to visit the village and try to solve their way of living.

One day when he went to a village and was talking with the villagers a button came out of his suit and fell.

He picked up the button and ordered to search for a tailor in the village.

Accidently, there was only a tailor in the whole village.

He presented in front of the king.

He asked the tailor to put the button on his suit back.

The tailor replied, ”Why not my king.”

He took out the thread and took the button from the king.

Then he stuck the button on the king’s suit.

King thanked the tailor and asked, “How much money do you want?”

Tailor replied, “I have only stitched the button on your suit and for that work, I don’t charge”

Then again king asked, “Tell me how much money you charge for stitching the button on the suit”

Seeing that the king was asking again and again so he thought that the button belongs to the king my only work was of stitching so the cost will be around 1 gold coin.

But I have stitched the suit of a king and asking him one gold coin is not good.

After thinking for minutes then he said, “Whatever you feel like give me I will take it”

The king thought that I am the king and if I give him a small amount for stitching then it will not be good.

So the king ordered to give the work of stitching of two villagers under the only tailor.

Then the tailor was thinking I was thinking of asking for one gold coin.

But I have been given the work of two villagers.


God thinks of giving big according to its ability but the people think a little of it. Work hard and never desire fruits.


We see in life how people ask god for little but if they work with patience and hard work without thinking of the result then definitely they will be rewarded by God with something big.

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