the three question answers from king to priest

The Three Questions Answers

Here’s The Three Questions Answers a king question the priest where does god live, where does he see and what can he do?

Once there was a priest who came to the king’s palace for prayer.

After having prayer king greeted him with gold coins and asked him three questions.

Where does God live, where he looks and what does God do?

The priest after listening to these questions asked for some time for the answer.

The king gave the priest a month time to give the answers.

The priest went home but was worried about how to give the answers to the king’s question.

The son of the priest asked his father why you so worried?

His father told his son that the king wants answers to the three questions where God lives, where he sees and what can he do?

Son after listening to this told his father that he wants to go to the king’s count and want to answer the questions.

After a month priest took his son to the king’s court.

The king question’s the boy the first question where does god live?

The boy before giving his answer asked the king for a glass of milk.

The king ordered to bring a glass of milk.

Then the boy took the milk and putting his finger in it and started moving it again and again.

The king asked what are you doing child?

The boy said, “someone told me that there is butter in this milk so I am searching for it.”

The king said, “I knew son but milk is first converted into curd then stir to get butter.”

The boy said, “exactly this is the answer to your first question as the milk is converted into curd then butter so as god lives in everyone so to see him one must have full devotion.”

Then the king asked the second question where does god look?

The boy said before giving this answer I want a candle.

The king ordered to bring the candle.

The boy lit the candle in the court and asked the king where the candle is giving light.

The king said, “the light of the candle is steady.”

The boy said exactly the answer to your second question.

The boy said, “God is everywhere so he keeps equal looks on each and everyone.”

The king was happy and eager to know the answer to the third question, “what god can do?”

The boy asked, “O king for this answer you have to come and sit in my place and I have to sit on your chair.”

The king hesitated a little but want an answer to his question so he gave his chair and sat on the boy’s chair.

The boy said, “the answer to the third question is the god can make a poor boy the king and make the king poor in an instance.”

The answer to all the three questions pleased the king so he gave the priest’s son an award and hired a royal advisor.


God is in everyone the only thing to search for him is belief and if you are good then God will help you and always show you the right path.


We must worship God and never forget because if we forget him then he will forget us.

So we must regularly worship god and enjoy the inner power which god knows.

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