short king stories with moral

Short King Stories with Moral

Here is short stories of the king with moral and inspiration of how a king with a small army defeats a king with a large army. Let’s start the story.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom and besides that they had a very great empire.

One day, the spies of the kingdom met with the king and said that the king of the kingdom within three days would be attacking at our kingdom with his great army.

The king then called his ministers and asked them for their suggestions.

Everyone said that our death was imminent because they had a bigger army compared to ours.

The king knows but wants a solution to that.

In the king’s court one of his wise ministers said that it had now come into our lives and that the only solution was today and at this point we should attack the neighboring state.

They were unprepared to deal with our attacks and would be defeated.

The king then replied that we did not have a large army compared to those who would attack.

The wise minister said they were not ready to face our attack at this time.

If we die after 3 days of inactivity it is better to do something than to do anything.

The king was satisfied with his answer and immediately ordered the army to prepare.

The people of the state also joined the army in this attack.

There was a bridge between the two kingdoms.

After crossing the bridge with the army the king ordered them to fire the bridge and declared that there was no other option but to fight for victory and no plan B.

The king’s army fought with all their might and they won by defeating the great army of the empire.

In a situation of no choice than to fight.


There should be no plan B in your life. Only you should see that there is a PLAN A, DEATH.


We see in life how we got so many plans such that if my plan A did not work I had to go with plan B and then plan c.

If you have more than a plan you will not succeed in life because according to plan b you will not give 100% in your plan A and this will continue for the rest of your life.

With the moral short stories of the king we have learned not to give us a second option.

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