Short Story about God with moral lesson four heap of sand

Short Story about God with moral lesson

Here’s a Short Story about God with moral lesson that teaches us whatever happens, if you believe in God to the fullest then the God is with you.

Once there was a king who doesn’t have any son.

He tried but he doesn’t have any child.

So one of the advisors of the king goes to tantric for the solution.

Tantric told that a boy has to sacrifice his life then the king will have a child.

The king made an announcement in the kingdom to give him a child for sacrifice and in return, he will give that family lots and lots of gold.

In the kingdom a family decided to give his son as he doesn’t do anything and only roams around.

Now that boy was given to the king and as promised, the king give lots of gold.

The day came when the boy has to sacrifice his life and made all arrangements.

The king was also present there and just before the king asked the boy what is your last wish?

The boy told, “Bring a bag full of sand”.

The king ordered his servants to fulfill the wish of the boy.

The servant brings a bag full of sand and the boy made four heaps from that sand.

And then broke the three heaps of sand and sat in front of the fourth heap of sand.

And told to whatever they want to do with him can do.

The tantric and the king confused about what he did.

The king asked the boy why did you break the three heap?

The boy answered. “The first heap was the protection which my parents has to do but didn’t did and gave me to sacrifice, the second heap was of a family who doesn’t stop my parents when they were giving me for sacrifice and the third heap is the king failed to give security to the kingdom and want to kill the boy who belongs to his kingdom”.

The king overwhelmed but when he asked why did you save the last heap?

The boy answered “The last heap belongs to my God who is with me and I fully believe in God so I was sitting in front of it”.

The answer of the boy hit the king so hard that he thought if he sacrificed the boy then it is not known that the king’s child will be born.

So, he decided why to sacrifice a boy whereas he can adopt the boy and accept him as the son of the king.

Where he can get such a child who trusts the God so much.

The king declared the boy as the prince of the kingdom.


One who trusts God will not harmed by any means or anyone.


We see in life, like Short Story about God with moral lesson in which the boy who trusts god so much didn’t forget his god.

He didn’t thought of getting away.

His belief in God was so strong that the God will always protect his followers.

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