99 Gold Coins story

99 Gold Coins Story

Here’s a story of 99 Gold Coins which teaches us to be happy whatever we have, if we demand for more then your happiness will lost.

Once there was a king who was very successful.

He had everything in his palace but he was also unhappy and dissatisfied.

One day, as he was walking around his palace he noticed that the man working in his palace was happy and singing.

The king after seeing him thought I had everything and I was not happy but the man who worked in my palace was much happier than me.

He then ordered his servants to bring the man who worked there.

The servant summoned the man to appear before the king.

The frightened man came to the king.

The king saw him and said, “Don’t worry, I want an answer to my question.”

The king asked him you have nothing, but you are too happy?

The man replied that he was an innocent man working and returning home, with your blessing my family gets food and you have no more desire.

The man’s answer is not enough to satisfy the king.

The next day the king called his adviser and told him the story of the man and his answer.

Finally, the king asked his adviser to tell him why he was not happy.

The adviser told the king that the man had not played the 99th game.

The king was surprised and asked what was the 99th game?

The counselor instructed the king to prepare a bag containing 99 gold coins and place them outside the man’s house, then he would receive an answer.

The king did as his counselor directed.

The next morning when the man woke up, he found the bag lying outside his house.

He brings the bag to his house and opens it.

When he see there are gold coins but when he starts counting he see that there are only 99 coins.

He thought it might be wrong to speculate on the value of a hundred gold coins.

He counted again but found 99 coins.

Then he thought that there must be a hundred coins in which one coin must have fallen somewhere else.

Leaving the palace, he refused to leave and began looking for a coin.

When he returned home at night, he thought he would finish 100 gold coins whatever is needed.

He goes to work and tells his family to work so that 100 gold coins can be finished very quickly.

After that day he never slept thinking about what he would do tomorrow.

To be able to get 1 gold coin in one day.

The king kept looking at the man and saw that yesterday he was very happy but today he could not sleep.

The king then called his adviser and asked for an answer to the question, How did the man change overnight?

The adviser responded that this was a game of 99 who made that 99 to 100 and as a result lost their happiness today.

Then there is the growing idea of ​​how to make more money.

As a result, they lost all their happiness.

The king received an answer.


We should always be happy with what God has given us instead of having more.

The conclusion

Today we see how we compete with others to earn so much than others.

After that the race goes on for a lifetime and never ends.

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