Birbal Story in English where a donkey's tail was painted

Birbal Story in English

Here’s a Birbal Story in English where Birbal caught the thief with wise thinking and one of the ministers was the thief. let’s see

Akbar’s kingdom was prosperous and happily living his reign.

One day all ministers went to the emperor Akbar to give him the bad news.

Akbar asked his ministers, “Why are you all in a hurry, and what happened?”

One of the ministers said to Akbar, “someone stole your gold coins from the treasury”

Emperor Akbar worried as the safest place in his kingdom where the ministers lived.

How could anyone from outside steal the gold coins from the treasury?

Then he said, “No one stole the gold coins from outside somebody who inside steals the gold coins”

Akbar called Birbal and gave him the responsibility to find the thief of the gold coins.

Birbal accepts the order and told all the ministers to come outside the palace where a donkey tied from the tree.

They all agreed and the next day when all ministers went to the given place Birbal told to the ministers one by one everybody will hold the tail of the donkey and say I have not stolen the gold coins.

One by one everybody did and after doing then Birbal told the ministers to come to the palace.

After that all ministers went to the palace.

Then Birbal told the ministers, “Put your head up so that I can see your hand.”

All of the ministers did what Birbal told.

Seeing the palm of the ministers Birbal took out the thief and said in the court this is your thief emperor Akbar.

Akbar asked, “How did you find out the real thief?”

Birbal replied, “I have painted the donkey’s tail and the one who stole the coins will not hold the donkey’s tail. The minister who was thief his hand was plain and every minister hand was colored”

Everyone appreciated Birbal and emperor Akbar awarded him with the reward.


With wise thinking, every problem must be solved.


We see in life how people fall into problems and don’t come out.

But with wise thinking, every problem solved.

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