A Rich Man and His Son Moral Story sacks of wheat

A Rich Man and His Son Moral Story

Here’s a Rich Man and His Son Moral Story where youngest son made a wise thinking and sow the seeds of wheat and gain fifty sacks of wheat.

Once there was a rich man who lived in a village.

He has four sons and as the day was passing by he was getting old.

It was tough for him to choose his heir for his wealth.

He called his four sons and gave them a few grains of wheat seeds.

And told them I will be returning after four years as a pilgrim so I wanted you all to keep the seeds with you till I return.

After saying this he left.

The eldest one thought that who will keep these seeds of wheat and after four years no one will remember so he threw the seeds.

The second son thought it would be difficult for the seeds to keep for four years so he ate the seeds and thought that his father will be happy.

The third son was a religious person so he kept the seeds where he prayed every day.

He used the seeds to pray and then keep them near the worship place.

The youngest son thought to sow the seeds in the ground.

He took great care of the seeds and at the time of harvesting, he cut the seeds and again plant them in the ground.

Again wheat grows and then he harvests.

For your years he repeated this.

After four years the rich man returned and called his sons about those seeds.

The first son told he lost it. The second one told him he ate it.

The third one told him he kept it for two years but after that the grains were rotten.

When he asked the youngest son he took his father to the warehouse.

His father was confused and his son pointed his finger to the warehouse where fifty sacks of wheat were there.

His father asked I gave you some seeds, not fifty sacks.

When he told how he converted those grains into fifty sacks of wheat.

Then his father decided to make him his heir after his death.


One can make big with only small resources by working hard and smart thinking.


We see in life how people don’t think if there are some resources but if they act with that small resource and wise thinking then they can do big.

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