knowledge story on english

Knowledge Story in English

Here’s a Knowledge Story in English which teaches us how to have knowledge in our life. Without knowledge life will be difficult. Let’s start the story.

Once there was a jeweler.

He died at a very age due to which his family was in trouble because he was the only one who earns.

His family was in trouble and also have lack of food to eat.

His wife gives son gold jewelry and said to take it to the uncle’s store he will sell it through which we will get some money.

Her son went to his uncle’s shop and sees the gold jewelry up and down.

After he sees he told him that his son goes and tells his mom that the bazaar is not In a good condition so she will not get a good price.

Wait some more time then sell the gold jewelry said his uncle.

And in the end, he gives that boy some money and told him to come from tomorrow to his store for work.

The boy then goes daily and he learned to see all types of jewelry whether it is real or fake.

People from far came to give him their jewelry to see it is ok or not.

One day his uncle said that boy son goes and brings the jewelry which you bought many months ago.

The boy goes and brings that gold jewelry to his uncle.

His uncle checks that the gold is right or not.

When he sees the gold jewelry he found that it was fake.

When you first came with that jewelry and at that time if I tell you that it is fake gold jewelry then you will think that when the time was bad then uncle is telling things fake.

Now when you know seeing the jewelry then you get to know that the jewelry was fake.


Knowledge is very important in today’s world. If someone has knowledge then he will one day succeed.


We see today that how people point to others first without thinking anything.

They have a lack of knowledge so they say anything to everyone without knowing it.

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