Golden Fruit

Here’s a story of a Golden Fruit Inspiring story which teaches us how to know your children desires and how to be aware of remorse.

Once, a father and son went to the market.

Along the way, father noticed that some boys were searching in the mud looking for something.

He stops and asks the boys what he wants?

One of the boys replied that there was a golden fruit and we were trying to find it.

After listening to the answer, Dad sees a shiny golden fruit.

Father then thought that if that golden fruit could be ours, our life would be wonderful.

Then he calls his son and pushes him into the mud.

Tell him whatever it takes to bring that golden fruit.

But his son had no interest in obtaining that fruit.

And his desires and dreams were different from those of his father.

The son tries to make his father understand that my happiness is not in this golden fruit but in something else but his father refuses to listen.

The father replied to his son that I was not asking but ordered that I want a golden fruit.

Then the son tries his best to fulfill his father’s dream, which is to get the fruit.

As he tries to find the fruit he sinks and realizes that it was not mud but a bog.

He yells at his father but his father doesn’t listen and says a lot of people are doing that so don’t make excuses.

Once again his son tried his best but failed.

Then he sank down and died.

After that his father realizes that what he has done and starts screaming and crying.

Then the saint comes and asks why the man is crying.

The man then signs the fruit and narrates what happened to him and tells him that what I did, I did for the happiness of my son.

The saint carefully looked at the fruit.

And said to the father at least make sure there was a fruit or not.

After listening to this he became angry.

And said to the saint this is the fruit for I lost my son why don’t you see that fruit.

The saint then signed his hand to the tree and said that the fruit you saw was a sign of fruit hanging on a tree.

The saint then said if you do not push your child and ask him what’s your happiness is, not only is he still alive but you also get that golden fruit.


Never force your child into anything but ask his or her dreams and happiness.

The conclusion

We see in life how some parents try to force what they want on their children and never ask for their dreams.

So to avoid feeling guilty, you need to know your child’s point of view.

Never try to force anything on your child because you never know what the outcome will be.

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