trust in god story of a warrior

Trust in God Story

Here’s a Trust in God Story where we know how a warrior trust’s god and sits calmly while the storm was approaching to destroy his boat. So let’s start the story.

Once there was a man who just got married.

They have gone to other country and they were retuning.

The man with his wife was returning back to the land but there was a storm coming from the sea to their boat.

As the storm was very huge and they were in a small boat.

His wife started screaming and shouting but on the other hand her husband was calmly sitting on the boat.

She was shouting that what will happen if that storm approaches us what we will do.

Then she sees that her man was sitting without any worry.

She told her man that you are not seeing that storm is approaching to us and we are travelling in a small boat.

How we will save us say something or do something to save us.

Her man looked at his wife and stood up.

The man was a warrior so he carried a sword with him.

He took out the sword and put it near the neck of wife.

The sword was so near that if his hand move a little it will cut the throat of his wife.

But his wife didn’t fear.

He asked his wife why are you not fearing.

His wife answered I know that you will not cut my throat because you love me and I believe you.

The sword is in your hand so I am not fearing.

Exactly her man replies that this is what I am trying to say.

I have trust on god because I know that life and death is in the hand of god and no one would do anything to it.

So if god make us live or death is our destiny we must accept it.


There is god who knows everything and what the god decides everyone must accept it.


We see in life how we fear with the people which are made by god only.

Don’t fear with any human being else fear from god and have faith in god.

God only knows what is better for you.

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