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Problems In Life

Here’s a Problems In Life Inspiring Story which will tell us that there are problems in Life that we can’t do anything about it.

Once there was a man who listened that a Zen came to his village.

He decided to meet him and tell him about the problems so that Zen would give him a solution to his problems.

As he was one of them whose life was full of problems.

The man reached out to Zen with respect and said I am a farmer and I like farming.

But sometimes it might not rain enough and my crops fail to grow.

Last year we somehow survived.

And sometimes it rains too much so that my crops got damaged or get destroyed.

Zen patiently listened to the man.

The man continued and said I am married too.

She’s a good wife and I love her very much.

But sometimes she irritates me too much.

The man said I have kids but sometimes they don’t show me enough respect.

The man continued to tell his problems and worries.

After some time the man bowed down to the Zen and waited for the Zen to say some words so that everything will be all right for him.

But instead, Zen said, “I can’t help you.”

The man was surprised and asked, “What do you mean?”

Zen continued and said, “Everybody has problems in fact we all have 99 problems each one of us and there’s nothing you can do about it. And if you work to fix any one of them another one will pop up in its place”

Zen continued and said, “You will lose your loved ones one day and you are going to die. Now there’s a problem and no one can’t do anything about it.”

The man became furious and said I thought you were a good teacher.

Zen said, “Maybe they will help you with the 100th problem.”

The man asked what’s the 100th problem.

Zen said, “You want to not have any problems.”


If you think that it’s a problem then it will not let you live peacefully. So accept it and have a happy life.


We see in life there are permanent problems that we can’t do anything about it but we only pray to God to give us patience.

The only solution to the problems is to accept the situation and move on.

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