How to Meet God king's palace

How to Meet God

Here’s a How to Meet God Story where the saint answer the question of the King “How to meet Gog” and the only way to meet God is.

Once a king was walking on the balcony of his palace.

He saw a saint passing by near his palace.

He called his servant and ordered him to bring the saint immediately.

The servants called the saint and with the help of a rope tied him and brought him in front of the king.

The king told sorry to the saint for the way he was brought up.

The saint forgave the king and said, “What happened that you called me so urgent?”

The king said to the saint, “I have a question to ask and only you can give it.”

Saint smiled and said, “What is your question?”

The king ask, “How can I meet God please tell me?”

The saint replied, “Majesty you yourself know the answer just think deep and you will know the answer.”

The king said, “If I really know the answer then why should I give you trouble to call you like this.

And you are a saint you show everyone the right path so please help me out.”

Saint replied if I want to meet you then I have to tell the gatekeeper

Then he would inform the courtier.

Then they would have taken the message to you and only if you were free then only you allow me to meet but if you were busy then you must deny the meeting.

But when you thought of meeting me so strongly then within minutes you got me in front of you.

Similarly, if you want to meet god then you have to cross many obstacles but if God wants to meet you then how long will it take?

The king asked then how will God think of meeting us.

Saint said how do you want to meet me came to your mind?

The king replied I saw you walking with a smile on your face without paying attention to other things coming your way.

So I was impressed and then I wanted to meet you. Saint said, “This is the only way to attend God. Without bothering about the world meeting and greeting people happily is the only way God wants to meet us.”


Be a person whom God wants to meet.


We see in life how people force others not to do things or do things in that manner.

If you are reading the story then do change yourself because God doesn’t like to meet people who force people to listen to what they want.

So be a person who doesn’t bother about others and is happy in their own way.

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