The Hidden Treasure Story in farmland

The Hidden Treasure Story

Here’s The Hidden Treasure Story of an old man who tricked his sons who were lazy to a hard working men who were earning by themselves.

Once there was a farmer who lived in a village.

He has four sons but none of them work or help his father out on his farm.

The old man was worried about his son’s future.

One day the old man fell sick.

He called his four sons and talked to them about their future.

The old man was worried as he was sure that their son will be tricked now or then.

Then the old man had an idea.

Before the old man’s death, he told his four sons that there is a hidden treasure in the farmland.

The old man said, “The one who will be worthy will find the treasure.”

After the death of the old man, they start digging the farmland.

The day almost passed but they didn’t find the treasure.

One of the brothers told the other what our father told was a lie.

The other agreed and said we all dug the whole farmland but the land is barren and no treasure was found.

Then a passerby was passing near their farmland.

He saw the land dug by four brothers.

And he heard talking with each other that no treasure found now what to do with this barren land.

The passer-by suggested planting seeds as they dug up the whole land.

They were not ready to do so but they decided as it will not take time.

So they planted seeds and watered them.

Soon the seeds grew into a healthy crop.

They sold the crop in the market and received a good amount of money.

One of the brothers said, “So this was the real treasure that our father was talking about.”

Then they realized the hard work pays off.

Then they decided to overcome their laziness and started to work hard.


Nothing comes free in this world. Hard work was required to gain in this world.


We see in life how people are becoming lazy day by day and by not doing any work they want lots of money.

So if you want to earn money then hard work is the only way to achieve your goal.

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